Headshot by Jordan Matter

 'i am an artisti have no troupe now, so i miss the stage'  -  V. Nijinsky 

Akmal Rakhimov is an actor based in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Akmal performs in English, Russian and Uzbek. He is a graduate of the Ilkhom Theatre of Mark Weil School of Drama Studio 7 based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and has performed on the mainstage Ilkhom Theatre repertory for 5 years. He has toured at international theatre festivals from Almaty, Kazakhstan to Moscow, Russia, and has worked extensively with Vladimir Pankov's SounDrama Studio based in Moscow. Akmal is a member of SAG-AFTRA, a green card holder, part-time model, and a sought after emerging talent in the New York scene. 

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